Mrs. Vilas!

What I do to show you guys how to use awesome Apps and websites!  I will regret that I did this once I am an old lady and look back at the silly things I did when I was a teacher.

This is Video Star which is a FREE iPad APP.

What is your opinion of this App? How can we use this app for school projects or on our blog posts to affect the lives of our readers in some way?

Post your suggestions below.



04/17/2013 5:46am

Good on you Mrs Vilas
I'm sure your students appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication. You are certainly inspiring me.
I really like the picture trailer too.
Ms Janet Moroney Sydney Australia

Alicia Vilas
04/18/2013 12:24pm

Hi Ms. Moroney! I am always asking my students to try new web 2.0 tools so I decided to give it a try. I am sure many are getting a good laugh!

I hope that one day we will have iPads in my classroom, but for now we borrow the laptops on my floor. Many of my students have iPads of course or iPods.

Mrs. Alicia Vilas

04/17/2013 8:45pm

Dear Mrs Vilas,
Hello we enjoyed the video you made. It was entertaining and funny. Hope to see you comment on our school blog.

From Kelly and Shanita

Mrs. Vilas
04/18/2013 12:26pm

Kelly and Shanita,
I am sure many laughed at how crazy I acted. It was fun making the video. I will be sure to visit your school blog!

Mrs. Vilas

04/17/2013 8:53pm

Dear Mrs Vilas
Hello we really enjoyed watching your video. It was entertaining and funny at the same time. We hope you comment on our blog

From Kelly and Shanita

04/25/2013 10:43pm

Hello Mrs Villas,
My name is Joshua,
I loved your video,
It is was awesome how those sow effects were all around you.
I hope you visit our blog.
From Joshua

05/02/2013 11:04pm

Dear Mrs Vilas,
I love your youtube clip I thought it was really funny. When I showed my friends they all laughed. You are very brave to post this on youtube and on your blog.
From Jonathan

05/30/2013 9:54pm

Hello mrs Vilas,

Hi my name is Jimmy I like the video a lot the song is awesome. you dance just like my sister and I hope to see another video

From Jimmy.

05/30/2013 10:07pm

Dear bloggers,

That is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen and I watch smosh games on YouTube.


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