Challenge with number 10

I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.

Think creatively. You might want to use one of the tools below. Remember to leave a link at the bottom of your post back to the following website:

  • Automatoon will not work with Internet Explorer but great way to create an animated movie.
  • Another great site is goanimate – teachers there is an education version of this as well
  • Kerpoof is great for all ages
  • Voki allows you to type or speak what you want the character to say
  • Audioboo – create whatever you want to say on your blog then embed it. Check out Em’s blog for examples.
  • Create a book that flips the pages at flipsnack. Check out the other links at the bottom as well.
  • Make beliefs comics are great for your creativity
  • Little Bird Tales for creative writing
  • Magnetic poetry – create a poem using their words, take a screen shot or submit to their gallery and put link in your post
  • Use Fotobabble  or Blabberize to create a movie or book trailer
  • Create your own art work at artpad
  • Sketching with odopod
  • Use Toondoo to make a comic or embed a book you create there

This week’s blogging challenge is online. Please make sure you have a go at some part of each of the challenges, on your own blog. Make sure you make a hyperlink to the student blogging challenge page, in your post.

  • Type – student blogging challenge at the end of your post
  • Open the student blogging challenge page
  • Click on the title of the week 3 challenge – get creative
  • Copy the URL (in the address bar at the top of the page)
  • Return to your blog post and highlight the text – student blogging challenge
  • Click on either the word “link” or the chain link
  • Paste the URL into the top line and click “add link”
  • Close the box and continue blogging
  • The words student blogging challenge should be underlined and in a different color 

Challenge 3 – Get creative


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