1.  Put together an animoto, slideshow, online poster or online collage on a theme using 10 images you have found online. You must choose the topic retiles or the topic amphibians since that is what we studied last week during reading.  Check out the Web 2.0 Tools I posted on Edmodo!

Remember to add attribution as an image at the end of the animoto or slideshow. Include attribution with each image on your online collage or online poster.

2.  If you have used images in previous posts, go back and give attribution for the images. If they are not creative commons, GNU or fair play, then you will need to take the images out of your posts.

You can use images that are creative commons where the owner has given you permission to use the image as long as you include attribution. Here is a chart about the different licenses for images. There are many websites and search tools on the web for finding images that are creative commons.  I posted some websites to help you find images in a folder on Edmodo.  Make sure to check out the websites.

3.  (Optional)  Find a great image and write a post about it.

Do you have any other great sites for finding images, clipart, music, sounds etc?  

Challenge 4 – Using images in posts


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