Blog Post #1:
Play game of ‘Count Out Three’. Here are the instructions:
1. click on a blog on the student list – count one
2. now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
3. finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three
Leave a comment on an interesting post at this third blog.

Do this activity at least three times (Game 1) and finally, write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on. Please provide the three links to your comments in the blog post you will write so that everyone can go read your comments. Write about one of the three posts you commented on. Why did you find interesting about that post? Remember to include links to the 3 or more posts you left a comment on.

Blog Post #2:
Now write another post in which you mention three posts (blog challenge 2013 assignments) you have found interesting while taking part in this March blogging challenge 2013. You could include posts you have written or ones you have read while visiting other students. Here are the list of blog challenges:
Pick 3 different blog challenges you enjoyed and give me an example of a blog post for each assignment (the example could be one you wrote, one written by a student in our class, or one of the following students: Write a paragraph telling me why you liked that blog challenge and what you liked about the example of the blog post you provided.

Write a post about 10 of your favorite things.  It CAN'T be movies or games, but must be about ten DIFFERENT things.

Some examples could be:

movie star
book to read
place to travel in the future
invention ever made
blog post you have written
etc, etc, etc

1) This post will be ten PARAGRAPHS long, one for each of your favorite things. 
2) In at least THREE of your paragraphs include a link to another website. 
3) Include at least TWO images related to your favorite things (proper attribution please). 
4) Make sure you have TAGGED and categorized your post. 
5) Use a tool other than writing to tell us about ONE of your favorite things, example: include a video or Voki or audioboo or slideshow – the list is endless.
6) left a comment on this post (more info below):

As I am expecting fantastic posts for this, you will have 10 days to do this (you should be able to handle adding one favorite thing per day and explaining that one thing through writing or a web 2.0 tool such as Voki). Next week will be the two games and the final week will be an evaluation of the challenge, so really make a great effort on this post.

Please leave a comment on this post when you have finished and published your complete blog post ( The only way the people from the blogging challenge will know if you have completed this activity is if you leave a comment on this post and include the URL of your post.

Just before the last challenge they will write a post highlighting the thirty bloggers and five classes they feel have done a great job with this particular challenge. They are looking for students who will have included links, images, other tool, tags and category as well as having left a comment on this post:

Good luck everyone on this challenge since it will show off to EVERYONE what you are capable of doing using your blog!

What is your favorite book?
What is your favorite song?
What is your favorite destination?
What is your favorite memory?
What is your favorite TV show?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite dessert?
What is your favorite treat?
What is your favorite car?
What is your favorite piece of clothing?
What is your favorite fashion accessory?
What is your favorite perfume?
What is your favorite leisure activity?
Who is your favorite author?
Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Who is your favorite singer?
Who is your role model?
Where is your favorite place to be?

*Write a post about your favorite tool to embed on your blog (OPTIONAL)

Many students mentioned they wanted to know about some more web2.0 tools they could use on their blog. So here is your chance to promote a favorite web2.0 tool. Remember to create a link in your post so your readers can visit the site you are recommending.

*What is digital citizenship? (OPTIONAL)

Write a post telling your readers about digital citizenship – what you should do rather than what you shouldn’t do. Maybe you would prefer to create a book, poster or video about digital citizenship. 

*Activity relating to number 10 (REQUIRED)

What 10 educational online games or iPad apps should all students be able to use at school? Give at least one great reason why it is considered educational.  

Blog challenge #8 due on or before 4/15:
This week’s number 10 challenge relates to the image below.

What could the secret be that is hidden in the forest? 

Write a story about the image, use a comic strip with 10 frames or a flip book with 10 pages. Get creative. 

***Use a website which creates comic strips or makes a flip book and embed it on your blog post (no link, MUST embed)!!!!

Here are some websites you can use to make a book or comic strip:

1.  Put together an animoto, slideshow, online poster or online collage on a theme using 10 images you have found online. You must choose the topic retiles or the topic amphibians since that is what we studied last week during reading.  Check out the Web 2.0 Tools I posted on Edmodo!

Remember to add attribution as an image at the end of the animoto or slideshow. Include attribution with each image on your online collage or online poster.

2.  If you have used images in previous posts, go back and give attribution for the images. If they are not creative commons, GNU or fair play, then you will need to take the images out of your posts.

You can use images that are creative commons where the owner has given you permission to use the image as long as you include attribution. Here is a chart about the different licenses for images. There are many websites and search tools on the web for finding images that are creative commons.  I posted some websites to help you find images in a folder on Edmodo.  Make sure to check out the websites.

3.  (Optional)  Find a great image and write a post about it.

Do you have any other great sites for finding images, clipart, music, sounds etc?  

Challenge 4 – Using images in posts
Challenge with number 10

I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.

Think creatively. You might want to use one of the tools below. Remember to leave a link at the bottom of your post back to the following website:

  • Automatoon will not work with Internet Explorer but great way to create an animated movie.
  • Another great site is goanimate – teachers there is an education version of this as well
  • Kerpoof is great for all ages
  • Voki allows you to type or speak what you want the character to say
  • Audioboo – create whatever you want to say on your blog then embed it. Check out Em’s blog for examples.
  • Create a book that flips the pages at flipsnack. Check out the other links at the bottom as well.
  • Make beliefs comics are great for your creativity
  • Little Bird Tales for creative writing
  • Magnetic poetry – create a poem using their words, take a screen shot or submit to their gallery and put link in your post
  • Use Fotobabble  or Blabberize to create a movie or book trailer
  • Create your own art work at artpad
  • Sketching with odopod
  • Use Toondoo to make a comic or embed a book you create there

This week’s blogging challenge is online. Please make sure you have a go at some part of each of the challenges, on your own blog. Make sure you make a hyperlink to the student blogging challenge page, in your post.

  • Type – student blogging challenge at the end of your post
  • Open the student blogging challenge page
  • Click on the title of the week 3 challenge – get creative
  • Copy the URL (in the address bar at the top of the page)
  • Return to your blog post and highlight the text – student blogging challenge
  • Click on either the word “link” or the chain link
  • Paste the URL into the top line and click “add link”
  • Close the box and continue blogging
  • The words student blogging challenge should be underlined and in a different color 

Challenge 3 – Get creative
This week you have freedom to choose what you write about. You might be very passionate about something and want to write a post on that topic. It might be:

  • minecraft
  • embroidery
  • a particular singer or band
  • music
  • astronomy
  • collecting coins
  • book reviews
  • geology
  • travelling
  • history
  • genealogy
  • etc, etc, etc
Your choice!  Make sure you introduce your topic, include a link to another website relating to that topic and if possible, a picture you have taken relating to your passion.

Now not everyone is passionate about something so I will include a few other choices you might like to post about.

Challenge about the number 10 (if you do not know what to post about above, you can do this instead):
If you had the freedom to choose 10 jobs you would have over your lifetime, what would they be and why?

  • Would you like to try out for one of these best jobs in the world?
  • There are statistics now showing the average number of jobs for a person over a lifetime is greater than 10. The older students might also want to check out this infographic.

Which of last week’s activities did you complete?

  • 10 people you would like to meet
  • write or update about me page or profile
  • create an avatar
  • add widgets for tracking visitors
  • add widget to translate your blog posts
  • cyber bullying post
  • commenting guidelines
  • why visit my blog post
  • posts of mine you should read
  • visited other blogs and left comments
Challenge 2 – First week of freedom

Challenge about the number 10

If you could meet 10 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Make a list of the people and include one question you would ask them in an interview. You cannot repeat the same question.

Go to your kidblog blog and create a post.  In the title box, do NOT write blog challenge #4.  You can write: Interview of 10 People or 10 People I Would Love to Meet

Write a 2 to 3 sentence introduction stating what the blog post is about, and then you can start your list.

Here is an example of what I would write on my list (after I write an introduction about this blog post of course):
1. Shakira: What made you decide to become a singer, and how old were you when you made that decision?

*Student Blogging Challenge

Write a how-to essay.  Basically write a paragraph introducing the writing topic.  Then write a step-by-step list of everything we must do to become a superhero.  Be creative!
Look through all the different classroom blogs listed under “Blogroll” on the home page.  If you had to nominate the best classroom blog, which one would you choose?  Why did you like that one the best? 

Also, try to find the list of student blogs.  Did you like the writing of any of the students found in the classroom blog?  Which student writing did you like the best and why?  

How can we improve our blog?  How can students improve their blog posts?

Write a blog post which has at least 3 paragraphs.  Paragraph one will be about the best classroom blog.  Paragraph two will be about the best student blog (interesting writing and comments posted for that student’s writing).  Paragraph 3 will be about our blog and how it can be improved.

Don’t forget to end with questions for your readers so that they can respond to your post.