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Yellow Amphibian by cleber, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  cleber 
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I did a Flickr advanced search and checked off “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content.”

Then I went to the website which gave me the HTML code with the proper attribution right underneath the photo.

I pasted the Flickr URL of the photo I was interested in and then presto….I got the HTML code!

With, there is no need to do all this manually, you simply enter in the URL of the picture page (as seen in your browser) you are interested in and will generate the ready to use HTML code. It will also display a brief and easy license summary, so you don’t get in legal trouble because you missed something.

Here is a sample.

You can search for images by clicking HERE.  Check off: “Find only images free to use commercially”

Following the steps above you will:
  • Link the image back to the Flickr photo page
  • Give the author of the image proper credits (Attribution)
  • Link to the Flickr profile of the author
  • Link to the license the image is licensed under
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