Remember that blogging is a conversation.  Keep this in mind: " bloggers blog because they are on a journey, a quest, and that every entry is an opportunity to continue that journey."

Try  filling out your own "How to Grow a Blog planning sheet."  A student sample is posted below the setting goals sheet.

If you want more information, visit 
Konrad Glogowski's blog.
How are you going to grow your own blog?


03/29/2013 2:54am

Thanks for this post. I have also checked out Konrad's blog too. You have some really useful posts that I would like to show my year 6 bloggers.

Mrs. Vilas
04/03/2013 4:28pm

Feel free to share with your students. I am glad to hear that you found some posts quite helpful! :)

05/02/2013 11:25pm

I really liked the strategies for to grow a blog it was really interesting


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