1)  I recommend Juliana's blog post: Let's Play a Game.  I loved how Juliana tried to interact with her readers.  She wanted her readers to learn about her and her blog.  What a great way to get readers to check out your blog!

Bill Martin noticed her interactive presentation.  Read his twitter comment:
2)  I enjoyed reading Isbelle's post: Go to the Road Less Traveled!  What an interesting how-to-essay about becoming a superhero.  Great sophisticated writing for a 4th grade student!  I love your use of voice.  I can imagine you speaking to me and your personality coming through.  You put quite a bit of time into creating an amazing blog!
My students enjoy reading blog posts written by kids their age.  Which student blog post do you recommend and why? 
Marcia Lyles
5/30/2013 04:01:43 am

These are all so thoughtful and informative, and clearly a labor of love for everyone. As a "non-blogger", I found them amazing. And I learned a lot, about the students, but also about blogging. If I ever do start to blog, I'm going to need someone to help me set up my GLOG!! Keep it up.

Marcia V. Lyles


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