Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc
I basically went to the compfight website.  I typed "reptiles" in the search box and I noticed it had 13, 355 images.  

You click a picture you like so that you can view the license agreement.  I noticed it stated "some right reserved".   I clicked "some rights reserved" to read about the license.  I am allowed to use the photo as long as I give proper credit to the person who posted the picture.  

I then went back to the picture, and I downloaded the picture size I wanted for my blog post.  On your blog post (kidblog), you click "Upload/Insert Media."  I then found the file in my computer (click select media), and I double clicked the file.  It uploaded so then I scrolled down, and in the caption box I copied and pasted the HTML code listed under #3 from the compfight image page.  I then click the alignment I want for my post and click insert into page.  It then pastes the HTML code for the image and caption onto the HTML blog post area.  I click the "visual" tab to check out if I pasted the picture correctly with the proper credit.  It did give the proper photo credit underneath the photo, and then I was ready to publish my post. 

It is quite easy.  

What do you think of Compfight?


03/30/2013 8:33pm



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