I will post a few topics.  If you see one you like, start writing!!!

  1. Instructions to do …. anything
  2. A discussion on what you’re learning at school
  3. A family tradition
  4. technology related article
  5. travel blog
  6. how to use edmodo properly
  7. tips on getting good grades
  8. Create A New Superhero-what are his or her powers?
  9. Friendly aliens have landed. What do you tell or show them about our city?
  10. What wild animal would you like to have as a pet?
  11. Recommend a movie or book and add a picture.
  12. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
  13. What would you do with a million dollars?
  14. What is your earliest memory?
  15. What bugs you? Here is your chance to complain!
  16. You’re in charge today-you make the rules. What are they?
  17. Make up some Olympic events for lazy people
  18. You find a genie in a bottle. What do you wish for?
  19. You are in charge of a scavenger hunt-what are 5 things to find?
  20. You’ve got a magic tree-what does it grow?
  21. What would you like to do on your next birthday? Don’t worry about the cost!!
  22. You can time travel! What period in history would you like to visit?
  23. Tell about your favorite restaurant. What makes it so great? What do you like to order?
  24. Create a new law that would make the world a more fun place
  25. What is your favorite sound?
  26. What is it you are absolutely sure you will never forget about being a kid, and why have adults forgotten it?
Tip #1: Choose short, meaningful and fun blog topics

Tip #2: Interact with the readers.  End the post with some questions.

Tip #3: Write a post once a week or once every two weeks.  Readers may forget about your blog if you wait too long to between posts.

Tip #4: Write about something you find interesting, but also something that will interest others.

Tip #5: Reply to all/most of your commenters.  Readers will be encouraged to comment again if their comment is acknowledged or if they engaged in a conversation. 

Tip #6: Understand that your blog is not only about you and what you like, but about your readers too. Readers = comments = interaction = learning and growth!



02/25/2013 4:51pm

G'day Mrs Vilas'writers,
Thanks for registering for the March 2013 blogging challenge. Make sure you visit the blog every week starting 3rd March, when the first challenge is published. If you want a reminder sent to your email each week, use the "Subscribe by email" on the right sidebar of the blog. Also make sure you <a href="http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/participants-march-2013/classes-march-2013/">visit blogs from other classes</a> around the world with similar ages.

Miss W or tasteach - challenge organizer

PS Would it be OK if I direct students to this post with lots of ideas they could write about in their blogs?

03/03/2013 2:14pm

Hi Miss W,

Sure you can direct students to this post. I am trying my best to understand how the March blogging challenge works. I guess I will figure it out. Thanks.

Mrs. Alicia Vilas

03/07/2013 6:55pm

Dear Mrs. Vilas's Fabulous Fourth Grade Writers,
What kind of website did you use to make this blog
From Jonathan at St. Elizabeth's primary school Australia

03/15/2013 5:35am

Dear Jonathan,

I used education.weebly.com, but my students used kidblog.org.

Mrs. Vilas

05/23/2013 3:38pm

The best way to attract good luck and good fortune is to believe good luck exists.


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