*Write a post about your favorite tool to embed on your blog (OPTIONAL)

Many students mentioned they wanted to know about some more web2.0 tools they could use on their blog. So here is your chance to promote a favorite web2.0 tool. Remember to create a link in your post so your readers can visit the site you are recommending.

*What is digital citizenship? (OPTIONAL)

Write a post telling your readers about digital citizenship – what you should do rather than what you shouldn’t do. Maybe you would prefer to create a book, poster or video about digital citizenship. 

*Activity relating to number 10 (REQUIRED)

What 10 educational online games or iPad apps should all students be able to use at school? Give at least one great reason why it is considered educational.  

Blog challenge #8 due on or before 4/15:
This week’s number 10 challenge relates to the image below.

What could the secret be that is hidden in the forest? 

Write a story about the image, use a comic strip with 10 frames or a flip book with 10 pages. Get creative. 

***Use a website which creates comic strips or makes a flip book and embed it on your blog post (no link, MUST embed)!!!!

Here are some websites you can use to make a book or comic strip:http://edmodo.com/folder/1149839

Mrs. Vilas!

What I do to show you guys how to use awesome Apps and websites!  I will regret that I did this once I am an old lady and look back at the silly things I did when I was a teacher.

This is Video Star which is a FREE iPad APP.

What is your opinion of this App? How can we use this app for school projects or on our blog posts to affect the lives of our readers in some way?

Post your suggestions below.


Choose only ONE of the four scenarios listed below and create a poster containing the following information:

– Complete a drawing of your scenario
– Label appropriately: heat source, heat, sink, direction of energy flow
– Identify the type of heat transfer it is (Conduction, Convection, or Radiation)
– Address any question(s) in your scenario
– Use lots of color & be creative!
– Use 8" x 11"; 8" x 14"; or 9" x 12" paper (paper will be given on Monday, 3/18)

As you are doing this assignment, remember a quote from Albert Einstein – “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” You are making a poster for those who don’t understand the three ways heat is transferred.

Have fun making your poster!


Every school day the poster is late, 10 points will be deducted for each school day.
Scenario #1:
On a very cold day Brittany decided to make some steaming hot cocoa in an insulated mug. But when she went to stir her drink with a metal spoon that was in her cocoa for a while, she burned her fingers. Why did Brittany get burned?
Scenario #2:
In Binghamton, NY every August they have a huge Hot Air Balloon race called Spiedie-Fest. The hot air balloons only go up in the air in early morning and early evening when air temperatures are lowest. Why do they not fly at mid-day?
Scenario #3:
Paola decided to make some linguini fra diavlo for dinner. He put a big pot of water on the stove to boil. When he adds the pasta what makes the pasta move up and down within the water?
Scenario #4:
Don is a huge fan of vintage vinyl records, he decided to store them in his basement in a spot adjacent to his boiler room where he thinks they will be safe. Unfortunately, all of Don’s records became warped. Why did this happen?